Looking for Alternatives to Medication?

If you are open to or interested in non-traditional treatment approaches for mental health, you might like to read about the classical homeopathic approach to healing.

A highly regarded book covering the basics of classical homeopathy that I recommend is: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, by Timothy Dooley, ND, MD.

Dr. Dooley has an office in San Diego and is highly regarded in the community.  For more information about his practice and a link to a free-read of his first edition of the book visit: www.drdooley.net.

Other titles of great value include: Prozac Free and Ritalin-Free Kids by Judith Reichenberg-Ullman.  These books may help you determine if a non-traditional path toward healing is right for you!

For more information or referrals to other homeopathic doctors or practitioners in the community, feel free to call me at 619-379-7450.