Success With the Burns Mood Survey

  Hello and Happy New Year!

 I’ve been wanting to let everyone know about some new tools that I am successfully using with my new and existing clients.  Last December, I introduced the Burns Brief Mood Survey into my practice.

 This survey, administered at the initial assessment, assesses Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety, Anger, and Relationship Satisfaction. Investigators have found that it correlates highly with the Beck Anxiety and Depression Inventories as well as the Zung Self-Rating Anxiety and Depression Scales (p < .0001).

 At all follow-up appointments, my clients are asked to complete a pre- and post-session Burns Brief Mood Survey, as well as a Therapy Evaluation Form at the end of each session, so that I can receive immediate feedback about how they experience me and my services.

 These tools help me and my clients to formally monitor symptoms, client motivation, and guide the treatment process. To obtain more information about these tools, visit and check out the Therapist Toolkit.

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