National Relaxation Day–August 15th

Mark your calendars and get ready to relax, because apparently August 15th is National Relaxation Day!  Despite the fact that this year’s “relaxation day” lands on a Wednesday when many people may be working, anyone can discover small, free ways to get in some relaxation.  If you cannot take the day off, consider carving out an hour or two in your schedule for some dedicated relaxation.  Need ideas on how to relax?  Check out this website for a list of ways you can relax.  When we relax we regain our equilibrium, feeling more grounded in ourselves.  When we are grounded, we make better life decisions.   When we make good decisions, we are generally less anxious.  When we are less anxious, we give off “good vibes” to people in our lives.  Find ways to balance all of your hard work with a regular, healthy dose of relaxation, and for heavens sake, please don’t wait until the next National Relaxation Day.