Are You Suffering From Anxiety?

Everyone experiences anxiety.  It is normal part of the human experience.  Most people experience problematic anxiety at some point in their life.  Other people may have an anxious style that is easily triggered and exacerbated.  Yet even other people struggle with social anxiety triggered by situations such as public speaking or other types of social circumstances (e.g. work social functions, meeting new people, talking to the boss, etc.).  Even people who were not historically anxious and considered themselves as very social can develop social anxiety!  If you would like to feel less anxious, then you may benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy to feel less restricted in your life.

After a comprehensive mental health assessment, I can offer you a 12-16 session course of treatment to help reduce your anxiety.

  • Some people may need more sessions, and other people may need fewer sessions, depending on the severity of their anxiety and the amount of work they put in outside of the weekly therapy session.
  • In this evidence-based treatment format (meaning research has shown it to be effective), you will learn about the cause of anxiety, learn the difference between normal anxiety and problematic anxiety, and take a graduated approach to working on triggers for anxiety that contribute to your suffering.

Are you ready to get to work and reduce your suffering?  (We will have a little fun in the process!)  If so, give me a call.  I look forward to working with you.