Counseling and Psychotherapy in San Diego, CA

Becoming Relationship Smart—Tired of bad relationships?  Want to try to fix the relationship you are in?  Overcome what’s getting in the way of enjoying authentic and healthy relationships.


Choosing to Be Childless Men and Women:  Confused?  Feeling alone and judged?  Obtain clarity and support for this difficult decision and its impact to your relationships and well-being. 


Communication Skills CoachingWhat to Say, and How to Say It—Create effective communication strategies for those really difficult situations.  Coaching for individuals, employers, and Human Resources Managers.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training (DBT)—DBT includes skill development in Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Acceptance, Letting Go, and Mindfulness.  Skill development in psychotherapy improves self-esteem, induces effective action, and reduces anxiety and depression.   


Men in Transition:  Career, Economy, Finances, Fitness and Relationships—Feeling stuck?  Let’s face it.  You don’t climb Mount Everest without the guidance and skills of a quality Sherpa.  Experience the adventure of solution-focused therapy/coaching to discover how to get “unstuck” in a confidential and supportive environment.  You can have both your feelings and masculinity.  Your wife, girlfriend, or partner will love the results too. 


Mental Wellness and Prevention—Psychotherapy focused on eliciting lifestyle choices to enhance physical and mental health.  This is a great supplement to medication treatment for physical and mental health conditions.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)—Deeply restorative practice of awareness and following the breath, for individuals, groups and staff development.  Be here now.  Get out of the past.  Stay out of the future.


Multicultural Therapy—Achieve peace and well-being by overcoming the inner conflicts and the interpersonal challenges associated with straddling two or more cultures.


Women’s Wellness—Individual therapy and Group Retreats focused on the unique needs of women’s mental health and well-being, including the challenges faced by women who choose to be childless.


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