One day at a time for the long-term unemployed |

Are you or someone you care about suffering from long-term unemployment?  Listen to this radio news article for some perspective:  One day at a time for the long-term unemployed |

It is important to remember that there are always options and solutions to difficult situations, but when we become enveloped in thick fog, we cannot see a clear path.  If you are having trouble seeing through the fog of hopelessness and despair,  please contact a professional who can listen and help.  Not sure how to use your health insurance?  Read about health insurance tips here.

Don’t Have Health Insurance? For free or low-fee mental health counseling in San Diego, contact Its Up to Us.

If you are having thoughts of ending your life, please get help.  You might consider talking to a trusted family member or friend to let them know how you are suffering.  

You can also call the:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline at -1-800-273-TALK (8255) or
  • the San Diego County Access and Crisis Line at 1-888-724-7240.
Both of these resources will help you access the help you need.

CA Career Café

Are you feeling stuck and needing motivation for your career or job search?  You might want to check out the California Career Café, a project of the California Community Colleges.  At this website you can watch short, but inspiring videos, and obtain useful information pertaining to most aspects of career transition. 

Everyone needs help at times, and perhaps this website will offer a fresh perspective about your career or employment journey, whether you have been laid off and struggling to find new work, reentering the workforce after raising children, or are new to the world of paid employment.  There is something for everyone!   CA Career Café

The stress of unemployment can be difficult to manage by yourself.  If you are needing help with your anxiety or depression, there are many community resources to help you, even if you do not have health insurance.  For more information about free or low-fee San Diego mental health resources, check out It’s Up to Us.  If you have  health insurance or would like to discuss scheduling an apointment with me, please call 619-379-7450.