Why seek help?

Maybe the better question is:  Why continue to suffer? Mental health care is an important investment in your well-being. If your stomach was hurting you for days or weeks on end, wouldn’t you seek care to help you feel better?

We are all on the continuum of mental health. Just like when you have overstretched a part of your physical body and sustain injury, there are times when we overstretch and “injure” our mental health, impacting how we perceive other people, the world, ourselves. The status of our mental health impacts our ability to feel connected, experience positive emotions, and do activities that bring value and meaning to our lives.  For better or worse, our mental health can impact our relationships with spouses, friends, and family, our ability to function effectively in work or in school.

Changes in our mental health can impact how we function in our relationships with friends, family and significant others. When under too much stress, we may communicate with our loved ones and co-workers in ways that we later regret. When our relationships suffer, then we may suffer more. Therapy can help make improvements in all of these areas.

If you were suffering less, what would you be doing differently in your life? Whether you need to obtain clarity to “get back on track” or longer term therapy to address long-standing issues, therapy is a valuable investment in your self care.

Are you ready to get to work? Give me a call, so we can get started and help move you in the direction you wish to go619-379-7450.

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